Upgrading the 90s Anklet with Diamonds

Yes, it is the revival of the anklets from the 90s. Anklet fever is back; bigger than ever but the actual anklets are as dainty as could be. No chunky anklets in sight, its all about sleek and playful silhouettes. Feel free to stack up your anklets but anything thicker than 3 cm is a no no. These anklets are all about keeping it classic but with a fun twist.

Gone are the colourful weaved and braided anklets of the 90s. Remember those days of school where wearing these multi-coloured anklets was an ode to your friendship. Anklets are deeply rooted in our childhood and wearing an anklet today makes one nostalgic of those carefree days. Now it is more about looking chic and on point. Add an anklet to any outfit and you have approval of the toughest fashion critics. It is a simple accessory to wear – no fuss and easy to stylise.

Anklets with heels, strappy summer sandals, casual flip-flops or the super-trendy white sneaker are all different looks you can try with the comeback of anklets. It is no longer an informal accessory; the anklet has been literally rebranded with a new up-town image. This image clean-up allows us to flaunt anklets with our semi-formal and formal looks.

La Marquise offers custom made jewellery, so you can even get your anklet customised to your liking. Featuring diamonds, pearls and precious gemstones the anklet collection has something for everyone. With all the trending jewellery designs in stock, La Marquise has carved its niche in the market for fine diamond jewellery.

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