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Diamond Bracelets

Elevate your look with La Marquise diamond bracelets. Our diamond bracelets are a perfect companion that will certainly add an elegant touch to your appearance, offering a mix of glamour and sophistication. These bracelets, handcrafted to perfection with rich craftsmanship by our expert artisans, are truly must-have pieces in your exquisite diamond jewellery collection.

La Marquise's diamond jewellery is timeless, elegant and handcrafted in 18K solid gold and set with scintillating ethically sourced white diamonds. Each of the materials we use in the process, whether yellow, white or rose gold, pearls or diamonds, are of the finest quality.

Buy Diamond Bracelets Online At La Marquise Jewellery

La Marquise is a great place to buy diamond bracelets in the UAE. We have a wide range of delicate diamond and gold bracelets suitable for all occasions and ages. Our designs are timeless, embodying poise, sophistication, and class. Each piece has been expertly cut, designed, and polished to produce an awe-inspiring effect.

A. Exquisite Gold And Diamond Bracelets

We have a vast collection of diamond bracelets in various sizes and shapes, all with elegant designs. Each design follows the wrist curves, creating an eye-catching piece that highlights the character of each diamond, providing a timeless symbol of individuality. Our collection includes both modern and classic bracelets, ensuring that all types of customers' needs are met.

B. Exceptional Quality Materials

We only work with reputable refineries and use high-quality gold. Our 18K Solid Gold is durable and has a gleaming colour that complements all stones, particularly diamonds. Our diamonds are cut to enhance their radiance and luster. Aside from the 57 facets, we also create facets on our girdle! These gleaming luxuries are ethically sourced from Kimberley-Process compliant mines and have VS-SI clarity and FGH colour.

C. Customised Diamond Bracelet Designs

The better the design, the more appealing the appearance! Our diamond bracelets are meticulously handcrafted and come in various gold options. The exceptional designs reflect our commitment to elegance and ethical sourcing. Our lovely designs are appealing to people of all ages and suitable for any occasion. Along with our pre-made designs, we also offer personalised and contemporary design bracelets.

D. Explore Our Bracelet Collections

We currently have five bracelet collections: Amour, Aura, Ava, Precious, JE Round & Emerald Illusion. Each of these are distinct in terms of design, style and significance. 

The Precious collection for example, is a tribute to royal colour stones. It offers various classic cuts that have been handpicked for their exceptional hue, saturation, and colour tone. On the other hand, the Aura collection has a mystical style due to the invisible wire replacing the traditional gold band or chain.

E. Signature Finish

La Marquise Jewellery has the most vibrant collection of rare gemstones, including Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds and Blue Topaz. Our diamonds are cut and polished in-house to ensure maximum lustre and brilliance. Furthermore, we spend 15% more time polishing our diamonds to ensure you shine brightest in the room. The diamonds are all sourced from Kimberley-Process compliant mines and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Why Buy Diamond Bracelets Online From La Marquise Jewellery?

Safe & Secure Purchase

When you purchase diamond bracelets or other diamond jewellery from La Marquise’s online store, you can be sure about the product's authenticity and the security of your payment. Our website is highly secure and is constantly monitored by our technical team, ensuring that there is no security threat and that the website is always in good health.

Product Line Similar to La Marquise Boutiques

The products we offer on our online store are similar to those found in our boutiques across the UAE. This means that when you opt for an online jewellery purchase, you don't miss out on any products and that you have the same selection. Furthermore, as previously stated, all of the diamond pieces on our website are completely safe to purchase.

Easy and Smooth Process

Online diamond bracelet purchases may be more convenient than in-store purchases for several reasons. Some of the benefits include having hundreds of products at your fingertips, not having to leave your comfort zone, being able to place an order with a few clicks, and having simple & secure payment options. Moreover, you can compare hundreds of items before deciding on the best one.

Get Every Detail To Make An Informed Decision

When you buy from the La Marquise website, you have access to every detail about the item. For example, you can learn about gold purity, weight, colour, clarity, carat, size, product certification, and product dimensions, among other things. These details will assist you in comparing various products, shortlisting them, and purchasing the best diamond bracelet.  In a nutshell, online bracelet purchases allow you to compare hundreds of products, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our relationship with you does not end with a purchase. We are here to help you every step of the way, both before and after you buy the items. Our efficient & dedicated customer support team will always be available to assist you in making the best decision and selecting the best products. So even if you are purchasing diamond jewellery for the first time, there is nothing to be concerned about!

Overall, we will make sure your first online jewellery purchase is a memorable experience!