our story

Our story revolves around the lives of two key individuals. Chasing their passion, both of them started on parallel paths that eventually converged. This is the beautiful formation story of La Marquise Fine Jewellery.
Lets dive in!
sketch of market

Our story begins in the developed city of Dubai, where a young boy is enchanted by the energy and the liveliness of trade.

“As a child, I loved everything about the Arabian Souks; the sights, the sounds, the bartering, but above all, the sparkling windows lined with jewellery.”

Thousands of kilometers away, another child with a similar vision experiences, a bustling metropolitan for the first time.

“My family and I have made Mumbai our home. It’s big and fast-paced with so many people! The only way to stand out is by proving yourself.”

sketch of market
sketch of bank

Fast-forward a few years leads us to a successful career as a banking professional.

“I’ve achieved quite a bit professionally but is this what I truly enjoy doing?”

On the other end, an opportunity to learn and develop presents itself within the complex world of gemstones.

“This apprenticeship for diamond cutting can be my first step into the industry. I’m passionate and will succeed!”

jewellery in making sketch
cafe sketch image

Travelling the world brings new experiences. The urge to follow his passion keeps growing stronger with each passing day.

“I’m done with my desk job. Jewellery is a part of my culture, but I want to break away from traditional designs.”

The steep learning curve and experience gathered strengthens his values and beliefs, setting up a strong foundation for the future.

“No! No! No! There is no point in making something fast if you’ve not done it right. Quality is everything! Now steady your hand…”

jewellery shop sketch
jewellery shop sketch

Taking the bold step forward, the aim was to stand out through unrivalled quality of craftsmanship and gemstones.

“I have to ensure my clients get the best quality. I’m going to create a brand that does everything from start to finish in-house. I’m meeting someone who has just arrived from Mumbai.”

Having established himself, it was time to see what opportunities could present themselves outside his home country.

“Dubai is the City of Gold. Like my parents made their home in Mumbai, I’ll make mine here. With quality diamonds I’m sure I’ll succeed here as well.”

meeting sketch image

Forming a strong bond was easy as they always shared the same principles. After a few successful years, it was time to take their partnership to another level.

“We’ve worked together for many years. It’s time to join hands and take this brand to new heights.”

family sketch

Having set a strong foundation and operations set up a pass on to the future generations, mixing time-honoured business acumen with a fresh modern-day approach.

“Now, its time to pass the baton to the future generations and let them take our dream forward. They will uphold our promise of quality, craftsmanship and client satisfaction without losing sight of their roots.”