Our Jewellery Materials

Not all jewellery is created equal. Much like a finely crafted dish, where the best quality of ingredients defines the end delicacy, fine, handcrafted jewellery is also incomplete without the best materials. Luckily, ethically sourced, hand selected genuine natural diamonds and gemstones are the only ingredients in our products. Finally, we certify all of our diamonds and jewellery with universally accepted labs.

18KT Solid Gold

18K Solid Gold

We focus on using high-quality gold, working only with the most trusted refineries. Solid gold is used to manufacture fine jewellery as it never changes colour or oxidizes. Our 18k solid gold is durable and boasts a radiant hue that compliments all stones, especially diamonds.


Natural Diamonds

The real showstoppers, the main reason why we stand out from the crowd! Our natural diamonds are cut to ensure maximum brilliance and luster. Apart from the 57 facets, we even create facets on our girdle! On average, we spend 15% more time in polishing our natural diamonds, so that you can shine brightest in any room. These sparkling luxuries fall in the range of VS-SI clarity with GH colour and are sourced through Responsible Jewellery Council and Kimberley-Process compliant mines.
Loose diamonds
Our multiple awards for design innovation and craftsmanship is attributed to our investment in only the finest materials; selected after a thorough and rigid screening process.




We travel the world to find the rarest gemstones with the most vibrant colour to breathe life into our pieces. From high-grade precious stones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds to vivid semi-precious stones such as Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Tourmalines to vintage stones like malachite, onyx and coral. All these stones go through rigid vetting by our buyers and the manufacturers that supply them go through our strict compliance department to ensure green, ethical and responsible practices are followed.



A regional favourite, pearls are gifts from the sea. We import dazzling Akoya, South Sea, Tahitian and Freshwater Pearls from renowned regions following ethical and sustainable practices. Each pearl has its own iridescence that symbolises everlasting elegance.