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Stunning Diamond Jewellery Online

Confluence of Class, Grace & Elegance

At La Marquise, we endorse the never-ending love affair that exists between women and diamond jewellery. Our jewellery pieces are suitable for any occasion and look amazing on women of all ages. At La Marquise Jewellery, we offer a one-of-a-kind diamond jewellery collection made exclusively for you, ensuring that you never run out of classic diamond jewellery and that your craving for diamonds is always fulfilled.

Celebrate Every Occasion with La Marquise Jewellery

When it comes to diamonds, La Marquise Jewellery is your one-stop-shop. We have diamond jewellery for every occasion, age group and style that suits your taste. All you have to do now is explore our collection. Here's a rundown of everything you'll find in our diamond jewellery collection.

Exquisite Collection of Diamond Jewellery

At La Marquise Jewellery, we have an extensive and exclusive range of diamond jewellery. At our boutiques or website, you can buy diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, pendant sets, diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond nose pins, diamond bangles and diamond anklets, among other jewellery pieces. You can browse and shop by category or collection and we are confident you will certainly find the perfect piece.

Personalised and Stunning Designs

Design is the defining feature that distinguishes each piece of jewellery and elevates it. Our diamond jewellery collections are meticulously handcrafted and come in a variety of diamond colours and precious metals. A diamond is at the heart of every design, symbolising our commitment to elegance, rarity and ethical sourcing.

Our beautiful designs appeal to people of all ages and for every occasion. To ensure that our customers' diverse demands are efficiently met, we offer personalised designs, a contemporary design collection, and an office-friendly jewellery collection.

Signature Diamond Finish

At La Marquise Jewellery, you can find the most vivid collection of rare gemstones, including rubies, sapphires, blue topaz, onyx, and coral. To ensure optimum lustre and brilliance, our diamonds are cut and polished inhouse. We spend 15% more time polishing our diamonds to ensure you shine brightest in the room. Each of the diamonds are sourced only from Kimberley-Process compliant mines and the Responsible Jewellery Council.

Exceptional Quality

La Marquise Jewellery with the help of over 200 craftsmen and the region's largest manufacturing facility creates the highest quality diamond jewellery. We have a cosmopolitan design team from various creative and technological backgrounds and are expert at making custom creations.

Not to mention, the alloys and compounds used in our jewellery are sourced exclusively from the market leaders – Germany and Italy. We only use 18kt solid gold and diamonds sourced from Kimberley-Process compliant mines and the Responsible Jewellery Council to make fine jewellery because they are strong and never oxidize or lose its shine.

Streamlined Design Process

Our CAD team brings the 2D drawings created by the design team to life. These 3D drawings are then handed over to our artisans, who are the real heroes of our brand. Raw ideas are transformed into reality by the artistic power of highly skilled artisans. They handcraft each piece to perfection, from die cuts to metal casting, setting and polishing. They ensure that we continue to follow the highest standards and that there are no quality compromises.

Complete Transparency in Billing

Trust is paramount at La Marquise Jewellery. It doesn't matter if it's about quality, items, policy or billing. We make every effort to be as open as possible with our customers. We provide all relevant information to consumers in order to assist them in making an informed decision. Our billing follows the same policy of transparency. We state every charge, tax, and other costs in our billing. When you buy diamond jewellery from La Marquise Jewellery, you can be assured that there will be no “hidden charges” in any of our sales or exchange bills.

Elegant Collections that Standout

We have many different jewellery collections: Aura, Ava, Chevelle, Chokers, Gap, Orchid, Precious and Amour, in addition to a wide variety of jewellery items. Each collection has its own distinct style and includes a number of masterpieces. The Aura collection, for example, has a magical feel due to the invisible wire that replaces the conventional chain, while the Ava collection features lustrous marquise, pear and round cut diamonds.

Similarly, the Chevelle collection comprises the best chic and dainty anklet pieces embellished with coloured stones and diamonds, whereas the Gap collection is inspired by the design philosophies associated with the Art Deco movement. The Orchid collection, on the other hand, is a contemporary take on colour stone jewellery that evokes the feel of a sun-kissed day. The Precious collection pays homage to royal-coloured stones with a variety of classic cuts handpicked for their exceptional hue, saturation and colour tone.

Buy La Marquise Diamond Jewellery Online

Check out our online shop and browse through our extensive collection available right at your fingertips. Alternatively, you can visit one of our many boutiques in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman.   

Why Should You Buy Diamond Jewellery Online from La Marquise Jewellery?

Why should the jewellery industry be left behind when every other brick-and-mortar store is migrating to the digital world? In addition, there are a number of advantages to purchasing diamond jewellery online, some of which are listed below:

  • Similar Collection to the Dubai Jewellery Boutique 

  • We offer a wide range of diamond jewellery pieces with exquisite designs and the finest finishes on our website, just as we do in our physical diamond jewellery boutiques in Dubai. Our online diamond jewellery collection includes diamond earrings, diamond rings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond bangles and much more.

  • Hundreds of Diamond Pieces at your Fingertips

  • The other significant advantage of online jewellery shopping is that you can browse a large selection and have various options at your fingertips without leaving your cosy couch. Our online shop presents you with multiple choices, making it easy for you to browse and choose by category or collection.

  • Access to Genuine Information

  • When you buy diamond jewellery online from La Marquise Jewellery, you'll have access to every detail of the item you're interested in. We furnish all the relevant and genuine information such as gold purity, weight, colour, clarity, carat, size, product certificate and the product's dimensions to customers to help them make the right decision.

  • Multiple Secure Payment Options

  • When you choose La Marquise for online diamond jewellery shopping, you will have access to multiple payment options. Furthermore, all transactions are carried out in a secure manner, with no confidential information disclosed.

  • A Long-Lasting Relationship

  • When you purchase diamond jewellery from La Marquise, you are committing to a long-term relationship with us. If you have any complaints after purchasing the jewellery, our representatives will ensure you get the help you need. Our customer service team will always be available to assist you.