our Craft

A lot of love goes into crafting a piece of jewelry and luckily, we are all heart! We have greased our elbows perfecting our craft, making us an award winning manufacturing facility. Spanning over four decades, our experience helps us bring to life each little piece of treasure you hold close to your heart.

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The facility

The facility

Located in the heart of Dubai, our expansive manufacturing unit is amongst the largest for diamond jewelry in the region. With over 200 craftsmen, we foster a sustainable working environment, enabling us to provide you with the highest quality of fine jewelry that will be yours forever.



Our multicultural team of designers hailing from all artistic and technical background, have won multiple awards across the globe! Ideating and sketching pieces that take form into the lustrous pieces that you find in our stores. Whether you want your own custom pieces, or own one of their unique creations, our 2D sketch designers are always on point.


Cad Designers

Our thorough CAD team works towards bringing 2D design sketches and ideas to life. They work with intricate details to provide a final 3D model form so you can wear your custom design before it gets cast into the mold! If you can’t visit us, then we will make an accurate 3D visualization that’s as good as the real thing.


The real heroes of our brand, the highly skilled craftsmen are the ones that make the magic happen- from die cuts, to metal cast, setting and polishing they hand craft each piece to perfection. Our creative force is constantl engaged, well compensated & nurtured, to ensure our highest standards are always met. Their happiness and well-being is reflected in the final piece, as each piece is made with love and care.

Machinery & tools

Machinery & tools

We are constantly investing in tech and equipment that help us consistently provide better quality. Our machines are imported from engineering giants in USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Japan, ensuring precision is at the heart of all our pieces. We invest in the best equipment, so you only have the best pieces!



As diamond wholesalers and manufacturers; we remove all hidden costs to offer you a better value. All our colour stones are acquired from global partners who have adapted green and ethical best practices, just like us. The alloys and compounds used in our jewellery are procured only from industry leaders in Germany and Italy. We take care of these little details, so you only get best looking, and fairest priced, ethically sourced jewellery! To know more