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Discovering Saruq Al Hadid
The site was discovered by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. While in a helicopter flying over the area, His Highness noticed unusual dune formations and asked for them to be investigated.
Discovering the Site
Archeological dig at the Site

2002 - 2019

Archeological Discoveries
Archaeologists have been excavating the site since the discovery, uncovering evidence of metalwork, including various gold-crafted items.
This suggests the presence of diverse jewellery design and craftsmanship at the site.
The Findings
The site has produced extensive evidence of the working of copper alloys, gold and iron.
This remarkable discovery ties in well with the notion that Dubai is known as the ‘City of Gold’.
The findings


Collaboration with La Marquise
Over the past eight years, La Marquise have been fine tuning a first-of-its-kind jewellery collection launch in the UAE, which embodies the spirit of the findings from Saruq Al Hadid.
From the findings, immediately the circular motif designs stood out and served as the inspiration for our first jewellery collection.
Using references from these findings, our designers and craftsmen have explored various design routes to celebrate the site and long-lost heritage of the region.
Collaborating with La Marquise
Saruq Al Hadid Museum


Saruq Al Hadid Museum
The museum is situated in Sheikh Juma Al Maktoum’s historic house in Al Shindagha. It features various rooms, each dedicated to specific items and their associated archaeological history.
The museum’s rooms display metalwork, animal bones, snake symbols, and jewellery.


The Expo Motif
The designs may evoke a strong sense of familiarity for UAE residents. HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum revealed that the new Dubai Expo 2020 logo was inspired by a 3,000-year-old ring found at the Saruq Al Hadid archaeological site.
This design pays tribute to the people of the past and symbolizes Dubai as the modern hub connecting the world.
The Expo Motif
MRM Collection Launch


MRM Collection Launch
Recent archaeological findings served as the foundation for our exquisite jewellery. Crafted with hand-cut stones, gold, vibrant gemstones, and white diamonds, this collection honours a 3,000-year-old heritage, bringing the unique luxury proposition to life.


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