A Day with Miss Czech Republic Finalist, Marketa Matousova

Everyone wants to know how the sensational beauty pageant models style themselves for different occasions, what’s their go-to look and how do they manage to look spectacular even in a casual attire. Marketa gives everyone a chance to have a look at her fun-filled styling moments before an event where she shows two different beautiful looks with her favourite diamonds.

To match her playful bright pink colour dress, she picked out contrasting coloured floral jewellery pieces with pops of green encrusted with the verdant emerald precious gemstones and fine diamonds. This look gives a happy-go-lucky contemporary vibe which is sparkling from the variant colours, complementing each other in a unique way. She then styles her same outfit with the elegance of classic diamonds and ruby statement earrings with diamond cuff bangles and a ring. This look is versatile as its both semi-casual as well as perfect for an evening ballroom party.

Marketa mixed and matched her jewellery by choosing separate jewellery pieces to show how different pieces can work well together as a set too. There was a lot of bling from the diamonds in her overall look but at the end, both the looks had their own special elegance and sophistication by not overdoing the jewellery. Dangling diamonds, a fresh blow dry and you are all set for the day.

Watch this video by Mo4 Network that beautifully captures Marketa Matousova and her diamond-studded moments at La Marquise head office at Almas Tower, Dubai.

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