Award Winning Diamond Bangle

La Marquise took part in a Heritage Jewellery Design competition in Dubai. The competition revolved around the concept of bringing back jewels of traditional times. Jewellery back in the day was very much inspired by surroundings and materials available. With this challenge the La Marquise team set to work to develop a unique and beautiful design that brought to life the rich heritage of the region.

Inspiration & Design

The inspiration for our award winning design is from the traditional art of basket weaving from “Al Khous” which are dried palm fronds. The interwoven braids are reminiscent of the rich culture of the region and what used to be its’ primary industry; pearl fishery. The bangle amalgamates the raw “Al Khous” and the woven “Al Khous” to mimic the wondrous nature of the craft of basket weaving. The bangle was designed as an ode to this craft that countless Arab generations have practised. An artistic piece, the bangle consists of strands of gold (original form of “Al Khous”) stemming from the diamond band, whilst the diamond band is the end product; weaved “Al Khous”.

The Result

La Marquise was awarded as one of the winners of the Jewellery Design Competition at the VOD Dubai International Jewellery Show. Our talented jewellery designer was all smiles as he proudly held his creation!

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