Every Flower Tells a Tale

La Marquise brings to life floral motifs generously embellished with remarkable diamonds and vivid coloured gemstones. The Floral collection takes inspiration from the twists and curvatures of petals using harmonious proportions of diamonds and gemstones to create an alluring charm in every article of jewellery. Flora is a collection that is jewellery for occasion, not defined to one occasion in particular. It is the versatility of this precious stone collection that is one of its primary strengths. Our fine jewellery collection in Dubai is one of the best in terms of quality of diamonds, intricacies of design and overall finesse. Diamond jewellery that speaks volumes in terms of design in craftsmanship is what La Marquise offers.

Florals as a design element have been prevalent since many centuries; however the style of florals have evolved. Whether it was Art nouveau flowers characterized by neat contours and identical petals that are asymmetric differ from the flowers used in design today. Every era had its own style of depicting flowers. Enamel flowers also had their glory in the jewellery industry but now with Flora we have created precious petals lined with diamonds. The combination of precious stones with the right shade of gold further complements the charming nature of this collection. Florals are in their entirety a mature design element that never loses its flavor and can be treated as a classic addition to ones jewellery box.

Select from seven exclusive floral motifs inspired from natures’ bounty. Each reflects the intricate beauty of flowers that are so abundant in nature that we forget to marvel at their perfection. Match your choice of floral motifs with one of our heart-warming combinations of gold colours with precious gemstones. Even as a gift, diamond rings from Flora are a thoughtful and precious present. Whether looking for a classic or a trendy piece of jewellery, Flora has it all. The basic flower motif has evolved by our award winning design team to create trendy jewellery designs that everyone wants to get their hands on!

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