Ava, Aura & Precious: Exquisite Collections of Diamond Bracelets

It’s never too late to shower your loved ones with the gifts they love. As far as we know, everyone loves jewellery. Gift them a piece such as a diamond or gold bracelet – these are beautiful and sure to cherish for a lifetime.

La Marquise Jewellery offers an incredible range of creations that reflects the beauty of traditions and captures the spirit of your celebration. From diamond bracelets, gold bracelets, palm bracelets, rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bangles to anklets we have a complete range of diamond jewellery that is well enough to satisfy all your jewellery cravings.

Our stunning diamond bracelets for women are divided into three collections: Aura, Ava, and Precious – based on its design, occasions and price range. Let’s get a little brief of all these three collections first.

The Aura Collection offers a mystical style due to the invisible wire replacing the traditional gold band or chain. Once worn, the wire blends with the skin, giving an illusion of a floating motif. This collection features classic diamond bracelets that every woman aspires to possess; the magical magnetism of Aura is guaranteed to raise intrigue. This collection comprises seven beautifully crafted diamond and gold bracelets.

Next, the Ava Collection combines lustrous marquise, pear and round cut diamonds, celebrating them through simple and elegant motifs. This versatile collection of gold and diamond bracelets features classic and luxurious palm bracelets. The balanced designs make the collection very adaptable and easy to style for the day or later in the evening. If you are looking for palm bracelets with slim and sleek designs, the Ava collection will be a perfect choice.

Whereas, the Precious Collection is a tribute to the royal colour stones. It offers a variety of classic cuts, which are handpicked based on unique hue, saturation and colour tone. Radiant Rubies, Stunning Sapphires and Enchanting Emeralds have always been amongst the most sought after stones and are central to this iconic collection.

In short, these three collections by La Marquise are all you need to get your perfect arm candy.

In every diamond bracelet of La Marquise, what shines the brightest is the craftsmanship of our artisans. Our artisans are highly trained, experienced and dedicated to producing quality diamond jewellery. 

The varieties of palm bracelets designed by us are suitable for all occasions and fit perfectly well for everyone – from children to adults. All these splendid gold and diamond bracelets come with an enchanting motif and beautiful design, which will definitely make your loved ones fall for the bracelet and you!

When you buy diamond jewellery from La Marquise, you can be certain about the quality and genuineness of the materials like stones, diamonds, and rubies. To ensure our customers get the finest quality jewellery, we source these raw materials only from the trusted sellers.

Being precious and particular, it is necessary that we keep these palm bracelets clean to ensure its long life. Below are some useful tips that you should follow to maintain the health of these prized possessions.

3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Sparkling!

  1. Always remove your gold or diamond jewellery before washing your hands or while bathing.
  2. Use sanitisers only for hard gemstones. However, it is advised that you should not use sanitiser to clean your jewellery too often.
  3. Prefer warm water and dish soap over sanitisers to clean the jewels.

We are sure that these simple hacks will keep your diamond jewellery clean and also add many years to its life.

 Bottom Line: Conclude this year on a good note! Bring a smile to your loved one’s face by gifting them La Marquise’s diamond jewellery. Buy your favourite diamond bracelets from any of our three exquisite collections: Ava, Aura, and Precious.


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