How To Choose An Engagement Ring?

Choosing that perfect, most beautiful engagement ring with a big (we mean just the right) diamond that quantifies your love is a tough task. Many would say it is as difficult as picking out the right girl to pop the question to! First you pick the love of your life, then you have to choose an engagement ring that she will love – along with you! There is just so much pressure on all the guys out there. Lets drill it down and simplify the engagement ring selection process.


1 – Find Out What She Wants

First off, what is the engagement rings purpose? The engagement ring is a symbol of your love, something to hold close and remind her of you. However there are certain preconceived notions that have developed over time that have fostered a place in her mind. Be it from celebrity rings, movies, television sitcoms or novels. The diamond ring in a perfect box, at a perfect moment is something everyone tries to create for their beloved better half. No matter how many articles you read, how many different Google searches you do – not one of them will be able to tell you what she will or will not like. Especially in todays’ day and age where every girl has her own ring wish list and reference images saved in her phone! So either you have a peek there, check out her pinterest board or consult her friends to get an idea.

Our advice is just ask her straight out what her dream ring is or if you want it to be a surprise get her friends to ask her! 90% of girls dream ring will be a ring with a solitaire diamond, so that helps to narrow it down.

2 – Just Some Ring Things – The Fundamentals

A few things to keep in mind when choosing the ring – yes she may want a solitaire but the variety and types of solitaire rings are insane and limitless actually.

A plain band or a diamond studded band?

The plain band is for the minimalist, but often if the diamond rock is large only a plain band does justice to its brilliance. A diamond studded band gives the illusion of diamonds encircling your finger and is quite a favourite amongst the ladies.

If you have decided on a diamond band; then what type of setting for the diamonds. Would it be Pavé or channel setting? Pavé setting is all about minuscule diamonds placed close together to look like continuous stream of diamonds, held together by metal beads that are hardly visible.  The channel setting is used for Eternity bands generally, using a channel created by the edges of the metal to hold the diamonds.

A single Solitaire or a Trilogy ring?

Go classic with the single solitaire as the queen of the ring. Or go the Megan Markhle royal engagement way with a three stone engagement ring. It could even be a customised ring with her birthstone on one side, diamond in center and your birthstone on the other side. Meaningful engagement rings with a story are loved even more, so maybe a Trilogy ring is the way to go.

Classic, trendy or unique?

Single band, solitaire at the center is your classic engagement ring. A ring with a twist or interwoven bands falls under the trendy category. A unique engagement ring is generally a family heirloom or you must possess a very creative mind to create that one of a kind masterpiece for her.

White, yellow or rose gold?

A matter of personal preference and style but engagement rings are all about white gold for us. Without a doubt diamonds go best with white gold – it’s a perfect match. But rose gold has caught up as the trendy colour and is here to stay. Yellow gold as the original gold colour holds a special seat always. Keep a look out for the type of jewellery she wears on a daily basis to get a sense of her gold colour preference.


The setting is not just something technical that only jewellers know about. The whole look of the ring is dependant on the setting. The 4 and 6 prong settings are most popular for engagement rings as they allow the entire diamond to be seen. Every girl wants to flaunt away. For those with a more active lifestyle the channel and bezel setting is advisable. Bezel setting protects the stone from all sides.

The Cathedral setting is the most royal, with the main stone at an elevation. The split shank can be done with any of the above – it adds sophistication to the overall style. The halo setting is also recommended to enhance the overall look of the diamond; it appears bigger with the halo.

Best Selling Rings

There are some rings that have gained popularity on a global scale – they are irresistible and even when you are looking for something unique these ones are a winner. They will always get a yes from her!

Best Seller #1: 4 Prong, Channel setting band

Best Seller #2: 6 Prong, Plain band

Best Seller #3: 4 Prong, Halo, Split Shank

The 4Cs

Carat is the weight of the diamond; Clarity is the level of imperfections, Cut is the shape and Colour; closer the diamond is to colourless the better it is. We suggest to always go for FGH colour diamonds with clarity between VS and SI. Pick between her favourite cut and the industry wide best cut. In terms of brilliance and shine the round brilliant diamond cut is the best – agreed by most jewellery connoisseurs. The most popular engagement ring cuts are Round, Cushion, Princess and Emerald. The bigger the better, the higher the carat weight the bigger the diamond is.

3- Make it Yours & Hers – Customise!

Add an engraving that captures the moment you first met, date of engagement, first kiss or basically any moment together that is dear to your and her heart.

4- No budget for love?

Love is free but engagement rings come with a sweet price tag. We don’t want you to go into debt in the first year of your marriage so spend wisely. Remember size does matter, but so does the emotion behind it. At La Marquise we can help you create a magical engagement ring at a price that is reasonable. With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility; La Marquise offers the best customisation experience in Dubai. It is the place for engagement rings in Dubai!


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