A Perfect Guide To Layering Chokers and Necklaces

Stacking jewellery is an art, and more so if we talk about chokers and necklaces. And even more so if we eliminate imitation jewellery from the list. 

“How to wear more than one diamond choker necklace?”

“How to stack diamond choker necklaces in a way that it seems like they belong together?”

“Is it okay if I mix and match solitaire shapes?”

Well, these are some questions that we get from diamond lovers all over the world, and by that, we mean the women! There are several ways to layer your choker necklace, but all of them are based on your sense of style and choice.

How do you like to wear your choker necklace? Do you want different metals? Colours? Maybe shapes? Well, if you don’t have any preferences, or don’t understand the art of layering, tag along our expertise. Trust on these creative ways of layering diamond choker necklaces and ace the look game!

  1. Let symmetry flaunt its charm

A model wearing layering choker necklaces

Do you see it? The stunning sapphire stands out as a single rock on that long chain. 

The negative space between the splendid rocks of the Seven Oval Illusion Choker and the Drop Gemstone & Diamond Necklace is doing its magic, making this layering a style statement on its own. 

If this order is synonymous with elegance, the reverse order, where a single solitaire choker comes first as a layer, is synonymous with contemporariness. Go either way to allow symmetry to do its magic!

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    18K Rose Gold, Diamonds
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  1. Complement or analogue, it’s your choice!

chokers green tsavorite illusion drop diamond necklace image

Our base colour is of tsavorite, that is, green. All the colours adjacent to green in the colour wheel, such as a blue, lighter shade of green, yellow, are analogous. They give a subtle texture to your layering.

Similarly, if you pick a shade exactly opposite to the green in the colour wheel, which would be red, you are going for a complementing combination. This bold blend of colours never fails to leave a mark! Pair our Green Tsavorite Choker with the enchanting Cushion Wide Halo Garnet Pendant to make a bold layering impact.

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    18K Rose Gold, Smoky Quartz & Diamonds
    18K White Gold, Sky Bluetopaz & Diamonds
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You could also mingle the metals or golds! Try fusing whites with rose golds or golds. But make sure not to do that if you are already layering your chokers with different coloured diamonds.

A cushion wide Halo Garnet necklace

  1. Create a celestial universe

chokers seven star diamond necklace image

The most beautiful thing about layering chokers is that you can always tell the world what you feel, your mood, and what you believe in via it.

Colours and metals are surely a part of consideration while layering necklaces, but have you ever questioned how to wear a choker necklace in a way that it projects your thoughts? Like if you are a die-hard fan of the moon and stars, wouldn’t you want to create a celestial universe of your own with the gorgeous diamonds?

Really, you can if you want to! Try pairing our opulent Seven Star Diamond Choker  with our Seven Graduated Round Bezel Diamond Small Necklace, which seems like a series of moons dangling from the silver string.

Another universe that you could create is of a garden. Layer the amazing single marquise choker with a four marquise pendant and tell a flowery story of your own!

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four marquise diamond pendant
butterfly pendant product image

A brilliant addition to the story of a solitaire garden would be a butterfly pendant necklace! Isn’t the layering as sweet as a flower’s nectar?

There are endless possibilities for layering chokers, and you could get as creative as you can be. So get your juices flowing, and layer like no one would have with your storytelling skills.

  1. Add the bling of solitaires to your classic choker

solitaires to your classic black choker

What comes to your mind when you think about a choker? A beautiful lace or a chain wrapped tightly around the neck, right? That’s how the trend of choker jewellery resurfaced in 2015. The contemporary funk stylists still use a solitaire choker to stand apart from the crowd. But how do you layer a diamond choker necklace with it?

Of course, a little loose necklace with multiple motifs would look great. Still, when you layer an illusive choker with nylon threads and just one big solitaire on top of the classic choker, you’d get a phenomenally contemporary look.

  1. Let minimalism shine through your style

Our Pear illusion pendant and other illusion chokers with one splendid solitaire are the epitome of minimalism. Layering it with any of the other choker necklaces or a single sapphire pendant would give you a massively chic appearance.

You could maintain the consistency of shape like in the image, but if you don’t want to, then don’t. There are many shapes available, all you have to do is pick one for yourself. Layer it like a pro and let your minimalistic style shine through your choker jewellery!

  • 18K Yellow Gold, Diamonds
    18K White Gold, Diamonds
    18K Rose Gold, Diamonds
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All set to sparkle at the event?

Now that you have several ideas as to how you can layer your choker and diamond necklaces give it a try. Only then will you be able to find a perfect balance between the designs and your attire. And if you are yet to get a choker necklace for yourself, order now!

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