Je – An Emerald Diamond Illusion

Je rêve, Je souhaite
I dream, I wish



The French pronoun “Je” when translated into English is “I”. The Je collection quite literally is all about ones own self, dreams, wishes and perceptions of life. Je creates a journey of the self purely focusing on individualistic aspirations and perceptions. Every lady aspires to have the famed diamond stud earrings or diamond cuts- round, emerald, pear and cushion. Starting from the engagement ring to milestone anniversaries or even self gifting ladies opt for the biggest solitaires in each cut. With Je, every lady who aspires can possess these cuts through a seamless illusion setting that makes each cut possible in a fraction of the price!

Je – The Inspiration Behind Emerald Illusion

An in-depth exploration of the intricacies of self-perception, reality and illusion awaits. Firstly at the surface level Je plays on the illusions created through expert crafting of baguette and round diamonds into emerald illusions. The Emerald cut is one of the most coveted cuts, classic yet unique.

On a deeper level Je is a reflection of how reality is an illusion of ones perception. It is the inner desires and aspirations of the self that mould the Je collection. The Contemporary Edit of Je collection features slender baguette diamond that are hand picked and meticulously placed to create riveting geometric designs imitating the shape of the favourite Emerald cut diamond stud earrings.

La Marquise has focused on the slenderness of these diamonds to craft them to into unique pieces of diamond stud earrings. A collage of baguette and round diamonds is used to create classic and contemporary designs that make up the Je collection. Muse on the refined beauty and distinctiveness of baguette diamonds with Je, An Emerald Illusion.

Why We Love Je?

#1 Je Emerald Illusion has an avant garde feel to it keeping in mind the novelty of the styles and designs created with multiple baguette diamonds. Has a contemporary and trendy feel whilst retaining classic elegance.

#2 Size is not everything. Baguette diamonds are evidence to support that small diamonds can be beautiful too. The beauty lies in matching these intricate diamonds to create flawless designs that mimic the beauty of an emerald diamond.

#3 Baguette diamonds were popularised in the Art Deco period. Initially they gained popularity because they offered something unique to the customers, something away from the usual round cut. Even today they bring something new to the table, with our emerald illusion design.

#4 The price points are amazing! Affordable, glimmering and timeless diamond jewellery is only possible with the master craftsmanship needed to create this beautiful illusion jewellery. The use of clusters of baguette diamonds to create an emerald illusion allow the pricing to be customer friendly and trust us the designs are mesmerising.


La Marquise is not only home to the finest diamond jewellery in Dubai but also the most trending jewellery designs. The only jeweller in Dubai that offers fashion forward fine diamond jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

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