Glamour Quotient Rise in Dubai as Lamborghini Collaborates With La Marquise and Hadia Ghaleb

Considering the significant spike in the use of social media platforms across most industries in the last decade, various multinational brands have begun partnering with social media influencers of particular regions or countries to reap the benefits of social media. 

The latest addition in the list is a talk-of-the-town collaboration between Lamborghini-UAE, Egyptian fashion influencer- Hadia Gahleb, and a renowned Jewellery brand – Lamarquise- known for its iconic Diamond Jewellery.

The Lamborghini-UAE chapter took to Instagram to announce this deal. They shared a video of Ghaleb wearing Lamarquise’s Diamond Jewellery and making some moves around a Lamborghini supercar. The caption of the post reads- “We joined forces with the famed fashion blogger @hadiaghaleb and @lamarquisejewellery to reach full throttle on the glamour quotient. Hear the noise, watch the action, and feel the energy.”

Later on the day, La Marquise Jewellery also shared the same video on its Instagram handle and declared the pact. The post’s caption reads- “Is @hadiaghaleb the #FairestToFall or maybe just the fiercest? The famed Egyptian fashion blogger joins forces with @lamborghini.UAE to rev up the glamour quotient with some of the season’s beautifully crafted pieces.”

For those who don’t know Hadia Ghaleb- she is an Egypt-born style chameleon, fashionista, and one of the prominent social media influencers in the United Arab Emirates. This 27 years old fashion influencer with over 1 million followers on instagram- is considered a known fashion influencer in UAE. Ghaleb has also starred in the My fabulous M.E.– a reality television series by E!

While La Marquise Jewellery is a prominent brand in the Dubai Jewellery market known for its unique and splendid diamond jewellery collection. Established in the year 1986, La Marquise started its journey with the aim of providing optimal personalized service and satisfaction to our customers with competitive pricing, which gives value for money.

The company’s extensive product line includes rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and anklets. Based on the diversity, types, and range of the products, La Marquise has divided its jewellery into 7 different collections: Aura, Ava, Orchid Chevelle, Chokers, Gap & Precious. You can check out these 7 exquisite collections of La Marquise’s diamond jewellery here.

The quality raw materials, selected stones & diamonds, and an attributed, highly skilled, and award-winning creative team enriches the customers’ shopping experience, ensuring that they get the highest quality diamond jewellery.

The company only uses 18K solid gold to manufacture fine jewellery. The 18KT Solid Gold is durable and boasts a radiant hue that compliments all stones, especially diamonds. The company sourced its diamond through the Responsible Jewellery Council and Kimberley-process-compliant mines.

Over the years, La Marquise has successfully established itself as the trusted jewellery brand in the Dubai Jewellery market by offering exquisite & eye-catching designs. Today, La Marquise has grown into a retail outlet chain in major shopping malls and luxury hotels in Dubai & Russia. Besides, the company also has a strong presence in Belgium, Turkey, Brazil, the USA, and India.

Each of La Marquise’s articles are backed with a certificate of authenticity, providing clear information of carats, color, and clarity of stones to ensure transparency. In short, if you are looking to buy online jewellery in Dubai- La Marquise would be the perfect place.

The degree of success of this unique collaboration will certainly pave the way for more such partnerships in the future.


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