Our Top 5 Jewellery Picks for Ramadan

Dates, ramadan tents, suhoors, iftars, kaftans, Arabic delicacies and most importantly a festive season to try out some new looks! Everyone has their own style and Ramadan brings an opportunity to mesh together your own style with something Arabesque, something trendy. Fashion is evolving at an alarming rate, and fine jewellery is keeping up with these fast moving trends – lets see if you can keep up too! We have short-listed the top Ramadan Jewellery and looks for 2017. With iftar and suhoor invites coming in from all sides, sometimes a little inspiration is needed to really make a statement appearance that is both drool and instagram worthy!

Layered Necklaces

New to layering? No, we aren’t talking about layering clothes – based in Dubai we hardly require any layering most of the year! The layering we are referring to is for strands of divine diamond and gemstone jewellery. This Ramadan go all out with our top ramadan jewellery picks. Intricate detailing on these long necklaces shine vividly against flowing backdrops of abayas and kaftans. Layering necklaces and chains gives your look a sophisticated edge.

Layered medium to long necklaces are making waves in the fashion world. These necklaces have it all; glamour, elegance and sophistication. Its always fun to mix up a myriad of textures and cuts, this keeps your look fresh and different each time you step out.

Bold Statement Earrings

Earrings have been dominating the catwalks this season, do you want to know why? They are an instant statement, you can miss a ring or bangle but how can anyone miss earrings! They dangle only a few centimeters away from your face which is always the first point of focus. So make sure your make up is on point (head over to Sephora first!) and then its all about the earrings. Our advice this Ramadan is to go for dangling gem stone earrings, chandelier earrings and arabesque talisman earrings. That way you will be the belle of the ball or Ramadan tent!


Anklets are considered one of those very discrete accessories but somehow it manages us to make us feel ever so special on the inside! Almost like the inner gooey goodness of that perfect chocolate fondue! We are not just saying that to romanticise anklets, because truth be told there it is really not an attention grabbing item! Another truth is that they actually do make you feel a little glamorous, a little stylish from the inside. Its all about the minimalistic trend with anklets. A single anklet is a western phenomenon which has caught on like wild fire. Step into those 4 inch heels and drape one our sensational anklets around your ankle for an ultra-chic look. Remember a killer pair of heels will focus all the attention to your feet, which is exactly the spotlight your adored anklet needs. Its also key to note that tone down on the rest of the accessories to make your anklet really shine.

  1. Long Necklaces

Your ramadan jewellery is incomplete without a necklace. So will you go for a matinee, opera, princess or lariat? Yes, those are all necklace types! This isn’t going to be a blog post on the encyclopedia of ramadan jewellery so lets focus on what the differences are between these necklaces and why we need to know them in the first place! Each necklace type has its prescribed length along with a recommendation for the type of clothing neckline it compliments. The choker and bib have recently gained a lot of popularity with A-list celebrities flaunting them all around the clock! Now, with summer approaching we don’t want tight chokers sticking to our skin! Summer welcomes more flowing, lighter necklaces.

Our pick has to be the mid-length Opera necklace, so versatile and made for layering! The best part is that it compliments most necklines so you can carry it worry free whether you are wearing a plunging V or a turtleneck. The matinee is yet another one on the list this season. Higher necklines support this necklace, which sits at the delicate place right below your collar bone. Have a beautiful collar bone, go for a matinee! It draws attention to all the right places! Only downside of sporting a matinee is that your outfit has to be colour blocked – at least the top half to keep the matinee as the showpiece.

  1. Hand Chains

Chunky metal chains with lots going on…really not your style? Neither is it ours! The new hand chains are sleek, sophisticated and classy. Why? Because hands are in the spotlight and we don’t always need to make the “hey look at me statement”! This is the general inhibition with hand chains that they are too much or we don’t want that much happening on our hands! We have introduced a range of lighter day-wear hand chains that follow the minimalistic trend, you can incorporate this in your ramadan jewellery pieces. A hand chain supported with a light rose gold chain, held by a single diamond with a pastel sun dress – wouldn’t that be just perfect for a coffee date? A single hand chain will keep your hands decked up and looking fabulous all night long, actually all day long too. The comfort level of hand chains has also been enhanced to make you forget that you are even wearing any jewellery. The shape of the hand chains loosely follows the natural shape of ones hand making it an almost “ergonomic” choice.

Talking about hand chains we have to bring in the statement hand chain, its not as metallic and big as you are imagining! Its more arabesque in nature with a focus on yellow gold and semi-precious gemstones. Paired with a colour blocked abaya or kaftan the statement hand chains from Nura are absolutely gorgeous! Rest assured they aren’t for daily wear but when you do wear them they will shower compliments all over you!

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