The Big Three Jewels

There comes a time when a natural stone is so fine and beautiful that it requires a design to be built around it. To honour, to cherish these miracles of nature La Marquise has a segment of High Jewellery devoted to the finest quality gemstones sourced globally. The three primary precious gemstones are often referred to as “The Big Three” namely Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires. Lets look at each stone in its entirety.


Pigeon Blood Ruby from Mozambique 



The vivid redness and clarity of Rubies from Mozambique is unparalleled. The most sought after ruby is the Pigeon Blood Ruby. It owes its name to its colour, this unique name comes from the first two drops of blood after a pigeon is killed. The red pupil in a pigeons eye is also where the colour comes from. These rubies have a charged fluorescence that makes that unique in appearance from regular rubies.


We source rubies from Mozambique in Africa, it is the best source for ruby deposits. These are closest in redness and quality to the coveted Burmese rubies that can no longer be traded due to trade restrictions.

Verdant Emeralds from Zambia



These Emeralds are known for their brilliant green colour, crystallization, fire and transparency. Emeralds with a higher transparency are more valued, although most emeralds will contain some level of inclusions. In emeralds the inclusions look like moss, almost garden like which is why the inclusions are referred to as “jardin” – French for garden. Emeralds have known to grace the company of kings, queens in history and celebrities today.


The Zambia deposit was discovered just recently in 2011 and is said to be the largest ever deposit of Emeralds discovered. The Zambian Emeralds is very close in quality and colour to the revered Columbian Emerald. The most desired colour is bluish green to pure green with vivid colour saturation.

Iridescent Blue Ceylon Sapphires


These sapphires are of rich heritage, rarity and exclusivity promising the best hues, tone and saturation. They possess a brilliant, transparent surface. Boast a vivid blue that is saturated and appears that they are “lit from within”.


Ceylon Sapphire as the name suggests are mined from Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka was previously named Ceylon and therefore the prized gems are still fondly called Ceylon Sapphires. Through environmental mining in Sri Lanka there is limited damage and impact on the surroundings making these Ceylon Sapphires both ethically and environmentally sound.

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