Bride-To-Be Guide

As a bride you have to make so many decisions. Starting from the colour of your gown, to its style, veil or no veil, hairstyle, bouquet colour, hanging or holding bouquet, bracelet or watch, the perfect shoes and so forth. The choices are endless, as are the combinations. We have summarised our top bridal jewellery looks here, visit our Pinterest boards for more bride-to-be ideas.

The Traditional Bride

You are going for that classic, graceful and timeless look. Possibly wearing a gown passed through the generations or a bespoke gown that has that vintage look. You want to feel like a traditional bride and keep it as close to home as possible. Classic goes a long way and certain styles will always be considered timeless.

The Contemporary Bride

If you are that independent, bold and fashion forward girl then a trendy bridal set is what you are looking for. A sleek wedding gown designed by only the finest designer will complement our a la mode diamond set.

The No Fuss Bride

You want it to be an elegant and close-knit family affair with none of the drama. Nonetheless your gown will be just perfect accompanied with solitaire studs or diamond drop earrings. Perhaps even a simple tennis necklace and bracelet. It’s all about comfort, minimalism and you as your original self – not hidden behind an enormous gown or a ton of makeup.

The Princess Bride

It is your big day, dress up to your hearts desire! Go all out! If this is you then you want something thats elaborate, royal and just pure glamour! No one will judge you, you’re the bride so dress up and get decked up with our fabulous diamond sets.

With a range of 150 plus bridal sets, there is sure to be something for you at our boutiques! But we know its your big day so we can custom create your dream jewellery. With our award-winning design team your thoughts can be brought to life at our manufacturing facility in Dubai.

So dream away, and let us take care of the rest!

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