Counting Down to Eid? Gifts & Accessories

The Eid countdown has begun as we near the near the end of Ramadan! Everyone has three things on their mind when Eid is around the corner.

1 – Lots of food

2- The perfect Eid outfit

3- Eid gift ideas

Sometimes there is another important one on everyones mind – it even tops food – the Eid holidays! Whether it will be a long weekend or not? Lets all pray that we get that long weekend for Eid or it just won’t feel right! Plus we need the extra time to shop and eat.

This Eid look no further for gift shopping than La Marquise. We have a selection of our beautiful customisable Petra jewellery. These make the perfect gifts. You choose the gemstone, gold colour and letter of your loved one. Short on time? We also have some ready made pieces with Arabic and English letters depending on your preference. The Petra pendants and bracelets would be our picks for gifting, whats yours? La Marquise is the one stop solution to all your diamond jewellery needs. From small gifting items, engagement rings, bridal jewellery to all your custom made jewellery requirements.

Gifts sorted! Now its your turn. Have that perfect outfit all set out, clutch, matching heels – the works. Just need a touch of sparkle for the ultimate Eid feeling. How about some ear cuffs? Clusters of diamonds adorn these ear cuffs. Alternatively our latest Nura Dancing Ear Cuffs with gold and gemstones could also be your statement accessory this Eid. Get your fix of bling from La Marquise, a connoisseur of fine diamond jewellery.

Classic gemstone and diamond combinations will go with ALL outfits! Whether its emeralds + diamonds + yellow gold or rubies + diamonds + rose gold or sapphire + diamonds + white gold, all of these are heart warming combinations that are just so classic that they go with everything. You can even get your own custom made jewellery to match a hundred percent with your pre-decided outfit. No need to fret about “finding” the right jewellery when you can just get the “right” jewellery made.

The Flora collection is dotted with floral motifs unique to La Marquise. Step into a floral fantasy with this magical collection that is classic yet trendy. The Floral collection takes inspiration from the twists and curvatures of petals using harmonious proportions of diamonds and gemstones to create an alluring charm in every article of jewellery. Flora is a collection that is jewellery for occasion, not defined to one occasion in particular. It is the versatility of this precious stone collection that is one of its primary strengths. Florals are in their entirety a mature design element that never loses its flavor and can be treated as a classic addition to ones jewellery box.So why not go for Flora this Eid?

La Marquise jewellery in Dubai stays ahead of the crowd in featuring the latest designs straight from the catwalk. Our fine jewellery collection in Dubai is one of the best in terms of quality of diamonds, intricacies of design and overall finesse. Diamond jewellery that speaks volumes in terms of design in craftsmanship is what La Marquise offers.

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