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Jewellery is a form of art and styling jewellery is a bigger art. How to wear jewellery right, how to match or contrast in a sophisticated manner, how to not over do it, these are just some of the pointers to keep in mind when styling your outfits with jewels. These days its all about “looking glam effortlessly”? That look of “I just threw on this outfit” when actually it took hours of planning and trying on different combinations? Yes thats the one we all want sometimes. Read on to find out how you can create that look with a few key pointers.

Jewellers create stunning jewellery but do not always pay attention to the wearability of this jewellery. At La Marquise we take pride in creating jewellery that is wearable. The office look, coffee catch up session, shopping therapy day, a night out, you name it. You can create each one of these looks with our versatile Flora collection. It is all about pairing the right outfit with complementary shaded jewels. Sometimes it is as simple as a taking off a long necklace on a printed blouse and replacing it with a triple stranded Flora bangle. Colour blocking is our advise when it comes accessorising your look with long necklaces. This makes the look both elegant and allows the jewellery room to breathe. Heavily embellished/embroidered or printed tops will not do justice to your long necklaces. It is the plain and solid coloured blouses that work beautifully with long necklaces. The beauty is in the details; and all details are visible on such solid backgrounds. Read on to find out how to style your Flora jewellery to complement your look, whatever you want it to be!

Flora is a collection that is jewellery for occasion, not defined to one occasion in particular. The versatility of this precious stone collection  is in fact one of its primary strengths. Featuring a collection of long necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and bracelets Flora is just so wearable. Three hues of gold are used with complementary precious gemstones to create an alluring end product that is a must-have for everyones jewellery box!

We also like to pair Flora with denim. Denim has been in the spotlight since decades and whether its jeans, a shirt or a cute dress; denim is here for the long haul. Flora in all its versatility looks great with denim tops, adding a little glamour to your casual look. Next onto smart casual office wear. Offices are opening up to more trendy office wear with more jewellery. Stackable bracelets/bangles, a few pendants are just the norm. With Flora and its dainty motifs one can easily pull off Flora at work. Keep it fresh and fashionable!

Whether looking for a classic or a trendy piece of jewellery, Flora has it all. The basic flower motif has evolved by our award winning design team to create trendy jewellery designs that everyone wants to get their hands on! Our fine jewellery collection in Dubai is one of the best in terms of quality of diamonds, intricacies of design and overall finesse. Diamond jewellery that speaks volumes in terms of design in craftsmanship is what La Marquise offers.


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