How to Layer Jewellery?

There’s no doubt that the jewellery layering trend is huge at the moment and what we love is the versatility it brings to the table!  Being an established brand in the jewellery and fashion industry, we have a few tips and tricks for easy jewellery layering to mix and match your jewels.

Jewellery Layering helps put life into your ordinary outfit, and possibly give it a personality of its own. When layering chains, here are a few things you may want to consider.


Watch your layering length

You can layer with different lengths to fill your neckline and add some sophistication to your outfit. Keep in mind, wearing necklaces of different lengths allow each of them to stand out individually and prevents tangling.

Add a pendant for some pop


Pendants can break up the chains and give your look a more visually focused point. This is especially useful when you’re layering similar length chains, since pendant positioning will allow them to stand out from one another.

Meddle with metal

If you’re layering thin chains, then we’d recommend you to group the same metal of the same colour or texture, to give your outfit a more cohesive look. Chunky necklaces can also be used to create a sort of collar effect, which will allow more attention to be drawn to your face.

Now when it comes to layering bracelets and bangles, we have a number of rules;


The rule of numbers

It’s best if you wear big bold bangles in pairs of two, whereas thinner bangles are usually worn in odd numbers. Focus the spotlight on one wrist so that you can wear as many bracelets as you’d like on one wrist and leave the other one bare.

Mix it up and have the best of all the worlds

Give yourself a funky stack by mixing up bracelets with chunky bangles. We recommend varying the thickness and shapes of your bracelets to make sure they stand out and add to your outfit. However, if you prefer wearing bracelets that are similar in thickness and shape, you can create a focal point by embedding bracelets with gemstones. Adding a stone colour accents your stack.

Mirror the stack

For a more symmetrical stack, begin with a center bangle and work your way through by adding the same bangles on either side of your centerpiece.

So if you’re into this kind of trend, here are some jewellery layering and stacking options that have been handpicked for you!

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