Let’s Get Summer Trendy!

Summer is here, so are you going to pick up your flipflops or smart casual sandals to head to the beachside parties or a chilled out walk in a park with your pets at evening time? Or are you going to pack up your bags and fly away for a fun summer break?

Regardless of what you plan to do this summers, make sure you look your best at all time.

We have a range of exciting jewellery collection which will give you an edge in this fashion-savvy generation whether you decide to crash at a beach party or opt for a summer holiday, we have got you covered for all!

The summer season has a more playful side when it comes to fashion, and our jewellery choices are no exception to this. In this warm weather, you wouldn’t want to feel weighed down by your accessories, the reason why we love a much lighter look and a brighter color in your jewellery pieces to highlight your summer wardrobe.

For a sunny state of mind, this look will be your best one yet as a daily staple for a summer fashion-forward chic look, which is a delight for anyone looking for something a little more subtle.

Chase your summer dreams in high heels of course for a classic day look and jewel it with the beautiful diamonds. Reflect the color of the deep ocean offset by white diamonds that sparkle in the sunshine; this will be enough for those jaws to drop.

Light layering of jewellery with charms and motifs whether on necklaces or bangles has become a standard summer look. If you love to adorn your wrist with a dozen of different bracelets and bangles or fine diamonds, then summertime is made for you. Anything goes well in this season as long as it has a delicate feel to it as there are absolutely no rules.

You can get creative with slim cuff bangles, which go splendidly well with a bracelet as well as a watch. There is a great deal of fun to have here, so stack the bangles with leather, chain or beads bracelets, or wear multiple thin lined rings. The key is to keep it casual for that truly effortless, summer feel.

Take a scenic route and make footprints in the sand with our delicate dangling and plain anklets; perfect beachside accessory, which is also super convenient, stylish and works well as holiday accessories as well. Anklets and tassel earrings are a perfect way to liven up a summer outfit and again tend to be lighter and less formal with lots of movement to compliment more casual styling.

Don’t let the summer sweat hold you back, let your gems shine and talk while you catch a breath from the heat. Our top summer picks such as precious stones twinkling, diamonds shining bright, leather choker with updo buns, the bright pop of colors in motif bracelets and bangles are sure to go with your relaxed maxi dresses, richly patterned trousers or shorts in tropical colors, off the shoulder tops, and many more.

Summer jewellery is really a mixed bag but its best keep things light and casual with a few pops of color and texture. If you have these key elements in mind then the ‘golden hour’ of the evening will crave to have your pictures taken at the parties as you glimmer away in your versatile jewels.


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