Stretch Diamonds For Everyday Wear

With the onset of athleisure invading all occasions; runways, offices, dinners and dates the concept of day-to-day jewellery is simultaneously gaining popularity. What is everyday jewellery? It is like your daily wear wardrobe, a part of you. Keeping up with changing norms be it in terms of footwear, clothing or jewellery; one thing is for certain – casual and comfortable are the way to go.

The more casual jewellery pieces are taking over the need and desire to buy larger pieces that can only be worn on special occasions. The focus is on the trendy and smaller pieces. Women are looking for a piece of jewellery that can be worn to multiple occasions rather than the one off soiree. It is all about immersing jewellery into your everyday life. These stretch diamonds are the perfect jewellery for everyday wear. La Marquise has developed a line of stretchable bracelets, chokers and rings. These titanium elastic creations are adorned with diamond and gold motifs to give off a trendy vibe. The Titanium elastic used in this jewellery is basically a mesh composed of minuscule titanium metal and rubber rings that enable this jewellery collections elasticity. From chokers to bracelets and rings the collections veers toward edgy, fashion-forward over classic.

La Marquise is not only home to the finest diamond jewellery in Dubai but also the most trending jewellery designs. From chokers, stackable rings, cuffs, anklets to these stretchable bracelets. The only jeweller in Dubai that offers fashion forward fine diamond jewellery that lasts a lifetime.


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