The Art of Multi-Finger Rings

“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

—– Coco Channel—–

That advice is super important if you are the type to lather yourself with jewellery and just looking a bit over the top! But with today’s growing trend of minimalism and keeping it classy with a few radiant jewellery pieces people are listening more and more to Coco Channels wise words of fashion!

The multi-finger rings boast unparalleled splendour for those ultra glam nights. With the latest multi-finger rings from La Marquise you can expect edgy designs and clean silhouettes that will define your style. Shine your very best with these statement multi-finger rings featuring the finest pear marquise diamonds. Here’s our expert advice to all the jewellery fashionistas out there!

#Rule 1

Keep it comfortable. That is the number one rule when it comes to rings, or you simply will end up taking them off and losing them! Invest in one good set of multi-finger rings and you are sorted! We take pride in creating comfortable rings aligned to the shape of the human hand. This allows ease in movement and ensures a comfortable experience with the jewellery. With multi-finger rings, it’s also all about finding the right one. The way you have to look for that just perfect pair of jeans, it’s the same with multi-finger rings.

#Rule 2

Choose only one piece of jewellery to wear with your multi-finger ring. Otherwise you will end up looking a tad bit over done!

#Rule 3

Leave the other rings at home. A multi-finger ring leaves no room for other rings. Take a break from your daily ring staples and give your hands a fresh look with the multi-finger ring.

#Rule 4

Say hello to shape shifters. These flexible shape shifting multi-finger rings add a whole new dimension to wearing rings. You can stack it to wear on one finger or spread the ring out to fit all four fingers! Easily switch between a day and evening look with our shape shifting multi-finger ring!

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