Top 4 Festive Gift Ideas

Gift Idea #1: Frosty Blue Tanzanite

This festive season frost yourself with Tanzanite and diamonds. A match made in heaven! Tanzanite is one of the rarest known gemstones which makes for a really special gift. Its so rare that its only found in one place in the world; in Tanzania. Explore the Tanzanite collection for a ring or earrings to add a bit of festive sparkle to her jewellery box. It’s the type of gift that will be treasured by generations, making it a family heirloom. Why not start this Christmas tradition in your family? Also, it’s the gemstone of the month of December!

Gift Idea #2: Get Charmed 

Jingle all the way with holiday charms. From festive favourites like reindeers, mistletoes, snowflakes or Santa on his sleigh – our charms collection has it all. Available across a range of prices, these charm bracelets boast a chunky bracelet chain with the cutest festive charms embellished with round diamonds and rubies. This is a gift that one would cherish for years to come. Take a little bit of the Christmas spirit with you where ever you go.

Gift Idea #3: Colours of the Season

Customised gifts always win hearts. Why not create a customised piece of jewellery with our Petra collection. Choose your own shape, gemstone, gold colour and diamond detailing. It can even be monogrammed. Our picks are these Christmas-y shapes and colours featuring Green Malachite and Dark Coral. Red and Green all the way!

Gift Idea #4: Personalised Inscriptions

Whichever gift you choose, personalise it with a little message for your loved one. Initials, a date, anything! We will engrave it on a small gold bar and attach it your jewellery gift! Its as simple as that and your gift goes from being just a piece of jewellery to a very thoughtful gift with emotions.

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