Valentine’s Day Gift Guide; Spoils for Him & Her

Flowers and chocolates are always welcome on Valentine’s Day, however in celebration of this day of love, a little sparkle will take you a long way. This Valentine’s Day, we have an array of diamond jewellery that will have hearts fluttering and eyes twinkling.

That time of the year where you let your loved one (or maybe even yourself!) know just how much they mean is just around the corner! So whether you are planning on treating yourself or nudging your significant other in the right direction, we have got you covered with a very special Valentine’s Day gift guide. Get the latest diamond jewellery designs for your loved one this Valentine’s.

Jewellery that’s chic doesn’t have to break the bank. Surprise her with these elegant lockets of love pendants. A perfect gift for the love of your life, for her to keep literally close to her heart.

Let Cupid’s Arrow soar with this Cupid’s Arrow Bracelet. Guaranteed to make her heart melt, a delicate cupid arrow forms a sleek bracelet with a dangling heart, embodying both elegance and love. For your knight in shining armour, the Black Diamond Bead Bracelet can do no wrong.

Get her a pair of earrings she can wear every day. The way to a woman’s heart isn’t always simple, but these Heart Shaped Earrings with moving diamonds will certainly get you on your way. Planning a romantic proposal? Go ahead with the Heart Shaped Ring with moving diamonds, the ultimate symbol of love with a touch of playfulness.

Love always has a story. Continue the story of your love and move her heart with this Move Her Heart Pendant, an intricate diamond studded heart that moves along a rounded rail. If it’s a gift for him you are looking for then these Classic Cuff Links are the perfect gift for the modern man.

Cupid’s Arrow Diamond Ring is guaranteed to make her heart flutter whilst the Black & White Diamond Ring will send an arrow right to his heart too.

If you are looking for a romantic fine dining surprise for your lady in red, then our breathtaking diamond and Tanzanite necklace sets the bar for elegance. Top the luxurious and romantic evening with a matching ring.

Dainty anklets are for every occasion, but for this special day, surprise her with a Ruby Drop Anklet, elegant and sophisticated. If you want to avoid going overboard, opt for simplicity and everyday wear by gifting her a heart symbolizing eternal love which dangles playfully along this heart anklet.

This Valentine’s Day, we have a magical array of trendy jewellery pieces that will not only last longer than a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates but make this day extra special and memorable.

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