Your Festive Wish List

As the festive season rolls in, wish lists are created, gifts wrapped, festive outfits are tried on until the perfect one is found. All this just in time for Christmas!

The deep forest green of the Christmas tree has become rampant this year. All the winter gowns, fashion wear and everyday wear is featuring this lush forest green. From statement tulle skirts to slogan t-shirts – green is here to stay. La Marquise has taken the classic road this festive season to complement the flurry of everything in green.

Our festive picks are classic diamond adornments that will sparkle all night on a backdrop of this alluring green. The Eternal collection features a frenzy of full tennis bracelets, half tennis bracelets, eternity rings and tennis necklaces. Each one is more glamorous than the previous one giving you serious competition this festive season. For that sparkling social calendar invest in our festive wish list which will ensure you are the belle of every party you attend!

The Classic We Love

Eternity Rings

These rings as the name suggest feature an everlasting ring of diamonds that is seemingly “eternal”. Eternity rings are considered a symbol of infinite love because of the infinite loop of diamonds – hence the name is befitting. Whatever the occasion Eternity rings are a token of love that she will adore for years to come. Budget friendly half eternity rings with a semi circle of diamonds have been created to cater to lighter pockets. Frost yourself with diamonds this festive season!

Tennis Bracelets

One of the most popular jewellery box must-haves the classic tennis bracelets features a line of diamonds. Every girl will want to have a tennis bracelet at some point in time, its like the classic diamond engagement ring that every girl longs for. Tennis bracelets give off the appearance of a wrist dotted with diamonds. From solitaire tennis bracelets to illusion tennis bracelets there is something for all budgets. A collection of half tennis bracelets follows in the footsteps of the half eternity ring. The range of price points enables a lot more flexibility when gifting.

Tennis Necklaces

A holiday accessory like no other. Your Christmas outfit is complete with a line of diamonds just barely touching your collar bone. Its classic, elegant and timeless. An accessory that will never go out of style, and one that will make you the envy of all other ladies in the room. It is a statement necklace that is so soft that it appears almost effortless in grabbing the attention of all passing by.

Solitaire Trinkets

From a solitaire with halo pendant to solitaire studs whatever you choose you cannot go wrong. Solitaires are classics and these dainty pieces are what made the ladies fall in love with diamonds. Wholesome diamonds in a perfect setting and a minimalist look.



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